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EMI Shielding

InTech Defense lightweight and portable shielding solutions offer the highest protection against eavesdropping. Our systems are fully integrated and offer a security level usually expected only from fixed installations. By engineering the complete system InTech Defense keeps control of the quality and security of its products. Standard systems and customized solution to satisfy specific mission requirements are available.

Power & Signal

InTech Defense offers portable power and signal products which it developed for its RF and CBR systems. These units provide smart power management as well as extremely high signal security. Universal units are designed to operate anywhere in the world without any other support equipment.



InTech Defense supports Law Enforcement, First Responders, Military, Diplomatic, and Intelligence personnel and their missions. InTech Defense also offers  secured solutions to Industry.
InTech Defense can work with Foreign Governments under ITAR regulations.


InTech Defense staff  background is both in engineering and mission operations.

Our staff comes from the following communities:

  •    Law Enforcement 

  •    First Responders

  •    Intelligence

  •    Special Forces

  •    Defense

InTech's staff experience is in:

  •    Systems design and manufacturing

  •    Testing                                                   

  •    Mission planning and execution

  •    Advanced protection design of fixed installation




For any inquiries or questions please call: 703-286-0906 or fill out the following form

Head Office

Chantilly, VA 22102

Tel: 703-286-0906

Fax: 703-650-9698

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